The WICC Story ...

Since the explosion of mobile late in 2008 Whitsoft Investment CC (abbr. WICC) has consistently endeavoured to access this rapidly growing industry. It quickly became clear that the mobile software industry was an interesting prospect for Whitsoft Inc., and in 2011 the company finally reached a point where it could start working towards this goal.


At its inception WICC had only two goals:
1. to build mobile software that will enhance the lives of its users, and
2. to ensure that WICC software differentiates itself above the rest with a carefully designed balance of beauty and functionality.


With these two objectives, and after considerable research on existing mobile software deployment options, WICC came to the logical conclusion that employing anything other than a native approach would absolutely negate the second objective on which the company was founded.


WICC then had to decide how to invest its most valuable resources (i.e. time & capital) by selecting the platform that will be the mainstay of the company's development strategy. Given the autocratic nature of both the iOS and Windows Mobile operating systems, the company selected Android as its main development platform. WICC has never looked back since and is extremely satisfied with its decision. ...and that is the WICC story...